Sunday, June 7, 2015

Press Release: Heitman Suicide Note Erroneous


Heitman Suicide Note Erroneous

Knoxville, TN /Adams, WI May 31, 2015

This past February, the Oak Ridge Police Department released a document that was reported on as a suicide note written by our son, Alexander Heitman. To date, authorities have provided no indication that they took measures to authenticate the document.

Our family treated this new discovery of information as evidence and had it forensically analyzed by Sword and Shield Enterprise Security. That analysis has revealed that the attribution of authorship to our son [in press reports] was fallacious. As such, our attorney has sent letters to the Anderson County District Attorney General Dave Clark (click here) and the Oak Ridge Police Chief James Akagi (click here) encouraging them to conduct an official analysis to afford the press an opportunity to correct its misinformation.

We’ve also requested Mr. Clark provide us with documentation regarding his order to have Alex’s work hard drive forensically analyzed. Since Mr. Clark has stated that Alex’s death was never the subject of a criminal investigation, we are seeking to understand why he was compelled to utilize TBI  services nearly three years after Alex died. In spite of our repeated requests, the TBI refuses to acknowledge possession or the  return of the hard drive to us (see attached letter dated April 23, 2015).

Finally, we are seeking additional information about phone records that show Alex had been communicating directly with Mr. Clark’s office just prior to his death. During our numerous discussions in the months following Alex’s death, Mr. Clark never once mentioned that Alex had been in communication with his office. Furthermore, Mr. Clark is documented in this September 2013 email as portraying ignorance of Alex’s involvement in any investigation when, in fact, it was his office that prosecuted the individuals involved as his statements in this March 2014 article infer (and as court documents confirm.)

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